High cholesterol

With more and more people have high cholesterol is the cause of various cardiovascular disease. Risk factors for high cholesterol include smoking, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, heredity may play a role. The constricted blood vessels as the cholesterol levels in the blood accumulate wall. Eating lots of saturated fat, certain drugs and an underactive thyroid can also be causes of high cholesterol. The result is often symptoms of heart and blood vessels. It is often advised to eat healthy, do not eat too much animal fat, not smoking and exercising enough exercise. As a person moves less and take somewhat unhealthy diet, the risk of high cholesterol increases.

Horse milk with high cholesterol
In addition to a healthy diet, not smoking and exercise of the body mare contribute to lowering cholesterol levels. The positive effect of mare's milk in metabolism in blood vessels, promotes the operation against the deposition of cholesterol. Many users experience a positive effect, although mare has not been scientifically proven as a medicine for high cholesterol. Mare's milk is a natural product and is rich in many vitamins, various proteins and low fat content.

Using mare
Horse milk is extracted in an environmentally friendly way, and environmentally friendly is therefore the only way it can be won. After this, it is immediately freeze dried in order to prolong the shelf life and make it easy to use. The powder form which remains is constructive of 1 teaspoon to take in 3 tea spoons per day by, for example, mixed with water, or by a dessert. therefore the sweet taste does not have any bad experiences. Also knows the product for any of the users in side effects such as synthetic drugs and medications can sometimes be the case. The average use of mare's milk is three months, after which it can be slowly reduced to a minimum continuous use. In addition to this form of mare's milk, there are also horsemilk capsules obtainable.


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