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Mare's Milk Capsules Value Pack for 3 Months Mare's milk capsules value pack is a natural remedy. It helps against skin complaints and ensures a healthy gut flora, a good immune system, and the recovery from various allergies and conditions. Our capsules are made from HPMC, making them vegetarian, kosher, and halal compliant.

What do organic mare's milk capsules do? You use mare's milk capsules to care for your body both internally and externally. Natural mare's milk capsules do not cause side effects, except in the case of lactose intolerance. Then, complaints can sometimes arise. Do not take mare's milk capsules without advice if you have a lactose allergy. Mare's milk is used for skin complaints, allergies, gut issues, and other physical discomforts. Due to the composition of more than 40 minerals and vitamins, your body is cleansed and the immune system is improved.

When you take the capsules, your skin can recover faster. Organic mare's milk capsules work as a natural remedy; you need to give them time. The complaints are addressed from the inside out. Examples of these are:

Skin complaints Allergies Gut issues Mare's milk capsules are also used against allergies and many other complaints. Examples include high blood pressure, vitamin deficiency, (prolonged) fatigue, and low resistance. Except for lactose intolerance, pure natural mare's milk capsules (without additives or processing) can be used without side effects.

Thanks to the composition, which consists of more than 40 minerals and vitamins, your body is purified and the immune system is strengthened.

Your skin and gut flora recover faster, and the capsules enhance your health. Organic mare's milk capsules are mainly used for a prolonged treatment of three months, where complaints are addressed from the inside out. It is important to gradually build up the use of mare's milk capsules. On the first day, you start with one capsule per day. You slowly increase this by one capsule each day until you reach five capsules per day. You can maintain this dosage for 3 to 4 months until you have achieved your result.

Dosage of mare's milk capsules for children and adults From 4 to 6 years: build up to 3 or 4 capsules per day Older than 6 years: build up to 5 capsules per day The capsules contain 100% pure organic mare's milk powder, so no filler is used. Each mare's milk capsule contains 600 mg of mare's milk powder. This high percentage and the content per capsule are very unique. The capsules are made from HPMC and are therefore vegetarian, kosher, and halal compliant. The packaging in which the capsules are contained is made from biobased HDPE, a smart and responsible packaging.

Sanvita advises taking mare's milk for at least 3 months. It is possible that you will see results within a few weeks. Mare's milk is a natural product, so it needs time to be absorbed by the body. The time it takes to work varies for everyone. The mare's milk capsules can all be taken at once and do not need to be spread throughout the day. When the complaints have disappeared, it may still be present internally. We advise to continue for a while, and after a month to gradually reduce until you notice that it stays away.

Mare's Milk Capsules for Dogs

Mare's milk capsules are easy for dogs to take. For dogs, you maintain this dosage:

Up to 10 kilos two capsules per day Up to 20 kilos three capsules per day Up to 50 kilos four capsules per day From 50 kilos five capsules per day Give the capsules as a treat or mix them with the kibble. The best result is achieved if you give the capsules at one fixed time of the day, all at once. So, every day at one fixed time all the necessary capsules.

Natural Skin Care Are you taking mare's milk capsules for skin complaints? Then try our natural skin care products based on mare's milk in addition to the capsules. This way, your skin is nourished from the inside with capsules and you help your skin from the outside against itching, red spots, or flakes.


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