Especially between the ages of 14 to 25 years, you can suffer from acne, also called pimples. Acne is a reaction to clogged or inflamed sebaceous glands. These are just below the surface of the skin. By these glands new cells are constantly created which, as it were lubricate the skin and hair. It is an oily substance it is made. Due to the change of hormones alter the sebaceous glands so they sometimes become inflamed. This can cause nasty bumps. Acne can sometimes result in scars on the skin. If the pimples are squeezed, it can be in some cases seen again later.

Horse milk in acne
Many people experience after many medications, ointments and other possibilities not the desired effect, namely a smooth skin. Although the effects of mare's milk in acne has not been scientifically proven, many users of mare's benefit. In some cases, even solves the use of mare's milk in the acne problem. The composition of mare's milk is unique with respect to other natural products. Mare's milk is rich in many different vitamins, contains many different proteins and is a natural product with no side effects. This may for many people no harm in trying this product for acne.

Using mare
Mare's milk can be used in different ways against acne. There is a lyophilized powder which can be ordered per 100gram packed vacuum. This must constructive of one teaspoon per day to 3 teaspoons per day are taken. The sweet taste is taking ideal to combine with water or desert. This powder is also available in capsules. Then there must be taken 2 to 6 per day. These two agents act from the inside. There is also a lotion of mare's milk obtainable, which can be rubbed onto the skin. This thus works on the outside of the skin.


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