Hay fever

Hay fever is caused by pollen and pollen in the air. The name hay fever comes from the agreement with the hay time, but otherwise it has little to do with hay. Pollen comes from flowering plants and swirls around in the air. This way the pollen comes into contact with your eyes, nose and ears.

No hay fever with mare milk

In nature, many medicines can be found against allergies, disorders and many complaints. Similarly hay fever. Hay crack can pass with the use of mare milk. Sanvita.nl offers its own experience, people who suffer from haystack the solution; use mare milk. After 3 months a minimum intake of horse milk powder the hay fever in many cases reduced or disappeared and the dose can be reduced to a minimum. The result is:

  • No big eyes
  • No snotty nose
  • No sneezing

With mare milk against haystack you can sit undisturbed on the terrace or cycle in nature, put a beautiful bunch of flowers in the house and quietly open the outer door in the summer.

Working mare milk in hay fever

Hay fever is the most common allergy. Because of the wind pollen enters into the meadow circumference of many people, and it has a big impact on the lives of some people. Known are the alarm functions on smartphones in weather with a lot of pollen, and for example the hay fever radar.
The effect of horse milk in hay fever is mainly due to the composition of mare milk. This composition guarantees a healthier intestinal flora and increasing your resistance, making it a good means against all kinds of allergies, such as eczema. People who have hay fever and use mare milk find out after a few months of using the hay fever completely. Sometimes it is necessary to take a small amount of horse milk a year later for a number of days / weeks.


In hay fever you can use the best horse milk capsules. This is the easiest to take. For the first three months, use five capsules per day, all at the same time at one time of the day with a glass of water. After these three months you will no longer have any complaints or you can switch to a maintenance dose of one or two capsules per day.


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