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Mare milk is a unique product from nature and is one of the most nutritious and healthy drinks that nature has given us. Sanvita Healty helps its clients with the result of maresmilk to get the result that is desired in skin problems, intestinal problems, lung diseases and muscle issues.

Why mare milk?

Many people hardly know the existence of mare milk. Especially in the last 15 years, mare's milk has become an increasingly popular product in Belgium. There is also increasing demand for alternative and natural medicine for many different disorders. Belgians, in relation to the rest of Europe, are often at the forefront of their development, together with the Dutch. Outside our country, the operation of mare milk is much more well-known. Take Germany, Russia, China and Mongolia. Mare milk is seen as the most powerful natural product against many diseases. Horse milk is also an official medicine in these countries and is prescribed by doctors. This is not the case in Belgium and The Netherlands, because horse milk has not been scientifically proven in our country.

How does horse milk work?

The composition of mare's milk is very similar to the composition of breast milk. There is a lot of lactose in this milk, which gives the milk a sweetish taste. Mare milk contains, among other things, iron, minerals, proteins, many vitamins and other minerals. The influence of horse milk is mainly due to the vitamins and proteins. The protein that is in mare's milk is almost half of antibodies. Because the milk of mares is so similar to human milk, it is very well absorbed in our body and it is a welcome addition to the maintenance of our intestinal flora. From the operation in the intestinal flora, horse milk works in many diseases, such as skin, lung and intestinal complaints. From the experiences of our users, the positive effect of horse milk as a natural medicine is apparent. All vitamins and minerals build up good cell division and intestinal flora in three months, making this time essential.

Mare milk products from Sanvita Healthy

Sanvita Healthy offers a specially developed range of mare milk products suitable for young and old. Because it is a natural product, horse milk has no side effects, except for a lactose allergy. Our horse milk products are easy to use and easy to carry. Horse milk is for internal use, with this you tackle the cause and not the result. For the consequences of skin complaints, for example, we have cosmetics to soften the skin. We also have body care products based on horse milk, such as creams and body lotion.

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