Mare milk treatment for 3 months

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€ 224,11 € 149,50 (including VAT)

The mare milk treatment contains 9 boxes with 50 capsules where you take 5 day of it.

The content of the capsules is 600mg of pure natural mare milk in powder form.

3 months horsemeat capsules benefit package

Mare milk provides a good intestinal flora, good resistance and helps with the recovery of all kinds of allergies and disorders.

The 3 months package has the advantage that capsules are delivered for three months, so there is no need to place a new order each time. You get € 22.20 discount and your order is delivered free of charge.

Contents of the package: nine boxes with fifty with mare milk capsules of € 16.75 per piece, now for 15.25!

What do mare milk capsules do?

In order to take care of your body internally and externally, naturally pure mare milk capsules (without adding or processing) can be used. Mare milk can be used for lung complaints, intestinal complaints, skin complaints and fatigue. Thanks to the composition consisting of more than 40 minerals and vitamins, your body is purified and the immune system strengthened. In addition, the skin repairs faster, because the capsules increase the healing capacity of the skin. Mare milk capsules are mainly used for a long-term treatment, in which a condition is dealt with from within.

Where do mare milk capsules help?

Mare milk capsules help to alleviate or make tolerable of various conditions such as skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis), asthma, hay fever, metabolic problems, stomach, intestinal and liver problems, increased cholesterol and allergies. Furthermore, the capsules of horse milk have a good effect in case of high blood pressure, lack of vitamins, (long-term) fatigue and low resistance.



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