Organic mare milk lotion

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Organic mare's milk lotion

This delicious mild lotion based on pure natural
mare's milk and natural ingredients has an
Versatile affects the skin and is suitable for young
and old. This lotion prevents dehydration and nourishes
skin after bathing, showering, swimming or sunbathing
with natural vitamins, minerals and other
biological components. It keeps the skin supple and
elastic and has a very refreshing effect. Due to
The high content of natural purifying mare
this lotion suitable for people with
sensitive or problem skin.

Daily after washing thin layer to dry,
clean skin. Distribute evenly the lotion over the skin.
The lotion is easy to distribute and absorbs quickly. Shake
for use.
Contains no sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) or other
synthetic additives.
Use by: see bottom flask.


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